Master Bassist and Balls talk about random shit

This show goes into a deep dark rabbithole

Chicken Trump

Shooting Ropes

Teachers bang kids... Sorry Alabama

There was more stuff that we can't remember right now


Another one without the Rev... Stupid Real Life

Balls and Masterbassist talk about a plethora of topics.

Balls goes darker than normal while Masterbassist tries to stop the train from going down the rabbit's butthole


We are all here and we talk about shit

People from Florida Put things inside themselves for various reasons



Masterbasser and Balls take over the show because @therevHD is MIA again

Masterbasser gets drunk and slurs…not racially

Step daughter injects Step Dads man butter, gives birth to brother… Incest or not?

Balls in an asshole – a debate

An in-depth analysis of YooHoo

Is that 15 quarts of oil and 30 DVDs in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Florida man or men who eat Florida

June 3, 2017


Masterbasser and Balls take over the show because @therevHD is MIA

Go see Doubleshot Boston Golden Dragon South Weymouth on 6/3. It’s an orgasm for your ear drums. If you don’t you’ll probably get convfefe all over the place.

If you’re gonna blow a midget make it this one

Florida Man Woman

Tiger Tiger Woods Yall!


The guys are completely uinprepared for the shit show that happened.

Is that a Lizard in your bra or are you just happy to see me?


JB and Not Florida Chick are on the phone

A very special Birthday is celebrated


@therevHD, Masterbasser, and Balls lead you on a journey to nothingland

What does Mel Gibson, the weather, porn starlets, midgets, HiPoints, double anal fisting, sex robots, shitty movie reboots, guns, and the crow have in common?

I have no clue either, but that’s what we talked about.


Why the fuck is Live PD not in Massachusetts?

Quincy sex trafficking, more than meets the eye. These people should die (not the victims)

Braintree Officer shot, shit bag killed themselves in the shittiest no-tell on the south shore

                People stay there from Holland and witness this, do they not have hotel reviews there?

                Why the fuck would you ever stay in that shit hole?

Connied – Smash or pass?

                To many questions to list here


Will the assholes find a Florida man with three names?

Would you bang her for $25 and some nugg nuggs?

                No, not for all the tea in the country that supplied the workers who built the railroads


Massterbater rejoins @therevHD and thesappyone.

Fat boys fry like piggy

Did you ever find a snack that was so good you gave zero fucks where you were?

Stopping the singularity, one huge butt plug at a time

Florida man is back, and possibly missing parts of his head

April 15, 2017


@therevHD and @thesappy1 welcome masterbassist, JB, and Epic to the show

JB falls asleep like a little bitch

Midgets plague Boston The littlest crimewave in the northeast

United...come for the fight, leave with a concussion

MOAB: Assfuckistan FUCK ISIS

EPIC!!!!!! - The Gyllenhauls are insestual Osmands - Fuck you spelling police, I'm shitted

Jurassic Park is real

Why is hot chicks banging dudes rape? - an exposé

Panda Porn

Fleshlights rip.... this one is magical








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